To make a craft from the first used CD, you will need a used CD, a hot glue gun, and some dry roasted coffee. How to make it is quite easy, you only need to find whole coffee beans and look good to be a decoration. The first step is to clean the used CD from various kinds of dirt. Next, stick the coffee beans one by one on the used CD, using hot glue. Do this until the surface of the CD is completely covered by the copy. To place these coffee beans, you can place them open or closed. To make it look even more beautiful, you can use resin. However, if you want to have more personalized coasters, you might want to order some printed coasters.

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Apart from using coffee beans, you can also use stones to make crafts from used CDs. The rocks used are small and flat. The only difference this time you are using rocks. The rocks that will be used to make this glass coaster, should be washed first, then dry. For the drying process, just keep these rocks under the hot sun. The technique of making it is also not much different from the technique of making coffee coasters. Arrange the rocks used on the surface of the CD evenly, then glue it. Make sure that the rock surface is flat too.

In addition to using rocks or coffee, the craft from used CDs in the form of coasters is the next method of painting. You can also use a used CD as a painting medium. The coasters painting from used CDs, of course, is unique, and certainly interesting.

How to make a painting on this glass coaster is also quite easy. You only need to clean the used CD, then paint the entire surface of the top CD [which has an image] with basic color paint. Make sure all writing is completely closed. Once the top surface of the CD is completely covered, you can start painting. Give a scratch using a pencil on the surface of the CD that you have previously painted. If it is considered right, then use a different color paint, to start painting the coaster from the CD. When you’re done, let it dry, and you can use it.

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